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Graduate students

Graduate education

In our laboratory, even graduate students have their own themes and are expected to independently work as full-fledged researchers. With this, students experience every aspect of research, from planning to experimentation and writing papers, and there is no need for them to worry about other researchers claiming or sharing credit for work they have done independently. It is undeniable that independent research is inefficient and takes more time compared with research in a team. However, we consider our policy to be the most suitable for the development of researchers.   Students can select any research theme they like as long as it is connected to the laboratory’s key words “bioimaging” and “signaling.” The laboratory maintains a research environment where students can work on whatever they want.   The research field in the laboratory is categorized as medical biology, but the only requirement for lab members is a passion for research. Any background is accepted. The laboratory belongs to the Graduate School of Medicine, but there is no need for researchers to be medical school graduates. Actually, more than half of the members of the laboratory come from schools other than medical schools (pharmacology, dentistry, engineering, others). Of course, clinicians who are interested in research are also welcome. Some students who belong to a clinical medicine course are engaged in research here.   The variety of techniques used for research at the laboratory include imaging-based cell biological, molecular biological and biochemical approaches. Knowledge about such techniques may make it easier to start learning here. However, without any background knowledge, students will become able to research independently after learning experiment techniques at our laboratory.    

Admission procedure

Applicants can enter our laboratory from the Graduate School of Medicine. Please refer to the below for the Application Guidelines for the Graduate School of Medicine. Please contact us before taking admission exams. The laboratory accepts visits at any time. Please contact us at the address below to arrange a visit.    

Contact/Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines for the Graduate School of Medicine    


Department of Cell Physiology, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine Tel.: 011-706-5158   Fax: 011-706-7877 E-mail: yohba#med.hokudai.ac.jp* *Please use “@” in place of “#” to send an e-mail.    

Doctoral research fellows

As of now, new doctoral research fellows can be accepted exclusively through the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The application deadline is early June for the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, and mid-May for Hokkaido University. Please inquire well in advance.    

Other positions

At present, we are not recruiting any personnel.