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Fluorescence imaging workshop

What kind of workshop?

This workshop covers all steps from the basics of fluorescence imaging to professional applications and lets you learn fluorescence imaging according to your needs through following processes: lecture, imaging, analysis and presentation. Since 2015, we are offering common course “Introduction to Fluorescence Imaging” for graduate students. The course is divided into Basics as Fluorescence imaging workshop and Applications as Fluorescence imaging workshop advanced.

Course Objectives

Students understand the principle of cutting-edge fluorescence bioimaging from basics and indeed acquire images of living cells. In addition, learn techniques to handle imaging data for appropriate processing and analyses. Furthermore, learn a process to find biological significance from imaging data. Finally, student will give presentation about obtained results.

Course Goals

Learn the principles of cutting-edge fluorescence imaging from the lectures by faculty stuffs and special lecturers. In addition, handle such equipments and acquire fluorescence images of living cells expression fluorescent proteins. Perform optimal processing and analyses of the acquired super-resolution images. Finally, give presentation about obtained results and discussion using PowerPoint.


Course schedule

Date:    Monday, July 3, 2017 ~ Friday, July 7, 2017
Venue:    Faculty of Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine,
     Central Research Building  5F 5-1/5-2 Common Seminar Rooms
       3F 3-1 Common Seminar Room
     Administration Building  2F Large Conference Room
※※The workshop consists of  “Fluorescence imaging workshop” and “Fluorescence imaging workshop advanced” (one credit each). The number of participants is limited to 20 and 30 for basics and advanced, respectively (first come, first served). For details, please refer to Hokkaido University syllabus.
If you want to attend the course or gets credits from it, please fill out the following form and submit it by an email. We also welcome non-students as usual. If you wish to attend the selected lectures only, please contact us on the individual basis.


Foundations: “Let’s learn the basics!”
・Workshop on how to build the microscope.
Applications:”Let’s try ourselves!”
・Example of practical contents
↓Let’s learn to take images like this!
↓Process your data rapidly!
↓Easily analyze like this!
Last day - Presenting your results and party (Lamb barbecue) 

How to apply

Please fill out the following form and send it to us by an email.

※Please write  ※Please write or select

※ Name
※ Affiliation
※ Position ( Professor・Associate professor/Lecturer・Assistant professor ・Post-doc ・PhD student・Masters student ・Undergraduate student)
※ Mail address
※ Do you have experience in imaging? ( Use regularly/Use sometimes /never used)
Lectures you want to attend ( basics/ applications/ both)
※ Will you bring a sample? (Yes/ No/ not decided)
 ・ Other, your questions
Where to send ⇛ Yoichiro Fujioka, Department of Cell Physiology
                mail : y-fuji#med.hokudai.ac.jp (Replace # by @.)